Как сконфигурировать режим Повторителя беспроводного маршрутизатора netis?

The netis router copies and reinforces the existing wireless signal to extend the coverage of the signal, this mode is especially useful for a large space to eliminate signal-blind corners.

The Physical connection is as below:

Note: If your main router’s IP is, please change your netis router to another IP to avoid web conflict, for example And after you set your netis router to repeater mode, the netis router will disable its DHCP Server automatically, so you’d better set the router’s LAN IP to the same network segment with your main router. For example, your main router’s IP is, then change netis router’s IP to 192.168.1.X (X is between 2~254) . 

1. Open browser and Login to the web management page, default IP is


Note: The address is NOT on the Internet. The web-based configuration page is built into the router. 

2. Click Advanced button and enter in the main page of router.

3. Go to Wireless->Wireless Settings on the left side of the main page, Select the Radio Mode as Repeater, and click AP Scan button.


Select the main AP’s SSID, and click Connect button.

4. If your main AP is secured with a wireless password, input the same password and click Save button.

netis wireless routers can match Repeater encryption automatically, so you can choose Configuration to Automatic, enter the password and wait the router connect to your main router’s wireless. Also you can choose Configuration to Manual and config manually, make sure the Authentication Type, Encryption Type, Key Mode and input the password and make sure they are the same with main AP’s.

Then you can use wired access to the internet through netis router, or you can unplug the RJ45 cable from your PC to router and use Wi-Fi. You will see your main AP’s signal strength been improved in your PC’s available wireless lists.